I just saw this  on showbiznews;

“American Idol and Britains Got Talent judge has been awarded a privilege usually awarded only to members of the British royal family and eminent politicians. Now he can now park his car wherever he likes. Cowell is reported to have insisted on having a parking space for his Rolls Royce outside every theatre holding auditions for the hit reality television show, as he doesn’t want to be mobbed by fans and the paparazzi. According to British newspaper The Sun, officials in Birmingham, England agreed to dig up concrete bollards to let him park on the pavement outside one theatre, and when the show went to the Hackney Empire, East London, Cowell was given special permission to use the Mayor’s spot. A source tells The Sun, “He hates walking anywhere and the idea of being mobbed fills him with fear. So we contacted all the relevant councils and asked them if they could make a special dispensation.”It wasn’t always easy as only the (British royal) Queen (Elizabeth II) and senior members of the royal family get to park wherever they like.”


Then I thought why didn’t he go to specsavers- I mean;
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