With new year’s eve just around the corner, I can expect to hear numerous people asking “where did 2008 go?” and “I can’t believe it’s been nine years since the millennium”. I often wonder to myself, had we not spent the majority of the year at work, would we be asking the same question? If we’d spent this year relaxing on a beautiful tropical island, would it matter what year it is or how the time had passed? Perhaps it’s just me.

New year’s eve is definitely a time for reflection, to see whether we’ve achieved everything we’ve wanted to achieve thus far and to decide what our future goals will be. I can safely say I’ve never met anyone who’s reached all of their new year goals by December 31st 11.59pm. However, we all fall into the trap of wishing for a prosperous new year and setting a handful of goals, even if we were far from completing the last batch.



This year I feel like doing something a little different from the usual ‘lose weight goal’ or ‘save for something or other goal’, I want to throw caution to the wind and set myself something a little unusual. God knows I need a something to put a smile on my face with this massive economic recession looming.

Instead of feeling depressed after I’ve realised that I haven’t lost the love handles or can’t afford to up sticks and travel yet, I intend to set some exciting events which will highlight certain pockets of my 2009. I urge you to do the same, after all, what’s life without something to look forward to.

1) Spontaneous adventure. I would love to set aside a weekend or a bank holiday to jump on a train or head to the airport and travel to somewhere I’ve never been before. Grab a friend or partner and throw yourself into an unknown territory.

2) A hazy summer camping trip. Stick on your best walking shoes and find a field to set up your tent and bbq. Nothing could be better than laying on a blanket and basking in the summer sun whilst sipping on a cool beer.

3) Hire a barge. I’ve been thinking of this one for quite a while. I think it would be so extraordinary to wake up on a boat and set sail down a river, stopping at a rustic pub or two.

4)Visit relatives or have them to stay. This should really go without saying but I know I don’t see my family or extended family enough. 

5) Hire a house on the beach and invite your friends to stay. Get together and play Frisbee on the beach or dash into the freezing sea before retiring to a few hot toddies in the beach house. 

6) Go to a festival. The atmosphere at a festival is electric, I know it sounds corny but it just makes you feel alive.

7)Do something for charity. Whether it be a sponsored run, bike ride or even a cake sale.

8)Give blood. I am absolutely terrified of doing this and the thought of it  makes me go weak at the knees, however I know I need to get over this one day.

9) Take up a hobby. Instead of going home after work and watching the TV, get stuck into a hobby. I’ll be taking up dress making, wish me luck!

10)Do something to challenge your fears. Zorbing, wakeboarding, climbing, something physical which will push your limits. I plan to challenge my fear of heights in 2009.

11) One random act of kindness. Bit of an odd goal but one of the most important. Help a passing stranger with their groceries, hold a door open, help someone off the bus, give up your seat on the tube or pass your magazine to someone else on the train. I firmly believe kindness ripples like a stone dropped into water. Share a little happiness with someone else and it’ll be passed on.

12) Laugh as often and as much as you can.

13) My final point. Plan something spectacular for your birthday, it’s your one special day of the year. I hear Las Vegas or New York calling my name.


Happy new year.