Weasel Coffee

Weasel Coffee

Yep the title is right, you can in fact buy weasel coffee! It’s not actually made from weasel like the title suggests, but made from the regurgitated coffee beans eaten by rare Vietnamese weasels. It would be quite easy at this stage to doubt my words, but unbelievably this is true. Once regurgitated by the furry scamps, eagle-eyed Vietnamese villagers collect the beans and market them directly to the manufacturers. 


Brave consumers have described this gastric-altered delight as smoother, stronger, more heady flavoured coffee that would appeal to serious java lovers.

I’m not sure if I’d try a drink which is ultimately made from weasel sick, but I am rather pleased that the widely hated weasel is finally getting some good publicity. The furry critters are frequently associated with treachery and deceit, and their name is also used to depict a sly, double-crossing person. Poor blighters. 

So if you’re thinking about trying something a little different to Starbucks or want to boost the weasels status in the animal kingdom, then purchase a bag of Weasel coffee. Word to the wise though, if you are going to invite your date in for a cup of coffee after a night out – best leave the Weasel coffee in the cupboard or they’ll be out of the door faster than you can say regurgitated coffee bean.