It seems the easy part about buying a holiday is booking the add-ons –  the airport parking and pre-flight hotels. But when it comes to choosing somewhere to go, which will be sunny, be right on the beach and come at a fantastic price – is virtually impossible. Ok I might be a bit optimistic with the right on the beach and the fantastic price part, but to pick a nice destination which will be hot is like picking a needle out of a haystack. 

I want to find a hot, interesting destination to go to in September but at the moment it’s proving more difficult than first thought, booking a holiday is meant to be enjoyable isn’t it?

I thought about the Caribbean but it’s hurricane season and extremely expensive, although I have been once before in September and it was beautiful (and I had a student loan to pay for it!), knowing my luck it’ll piss down for the whole two weeks. 

Then there is Europe, everyone said it is lovely and hot that time of year, but I’m not sure if Costa Del Sol will really cut it for my well deserved break this year. Besides I had a look at an all-inclusive holiday at many Spanish locations and they seem to be just as expensive as the Caribbean! I was absolutely dumbfounded. Even the cheaper places to go have now become expensive, fair enough I was looking at all-inclusive, but for someone like me it’s a deal you can’t refuse. All-inclusives mean you don’t have to take alot of spending money, food and drinks are guaranteed and beach activities are thrown in. I much prefer to spend more on the location and nothing when you get there!

However Rhodes, Morocco and Tunsia look like great places to go and are deliciously hot in September. Thinking I’d found my destinations and sifting through the hotels available – I couldn’t help but just check Trip Advisor and Holiday Watchdog to see what other travellers thought of my chosen hotels. Big Mistake. It’s just confused me even more, with horror stories of bad food, watered down cocktails and beach towels being put on sun loungers at 2AM! It’s hard to know if people were complaining because they love to complain of whether the hotels are really that deceiving. So now I’m left wondering do I bite the bullet and just go for it despite the bad reviews or keep searching till I find something? 

And then there is the late deals – do I hold out till mid August and hope an incredible deal pops up? I’ve never really done a late deal before and don’t know what to expect, but I hear some really good stories about friends booking late deals and having a holiday of a lifetime. 

It’s so easy to think about blaming the credit crunch for my indecision as the prices may have shot up due to that, and of course my purse strings have tightened so I can survive the traumatic times predicted ahead. I guess I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed and eyes open for deals – the summer sale starts next week!